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review of task force tool set

Review of the Task Force Tool Set

I was in the store Lowe’s looking for a tool set I could use to work on cars. I saw the more expensive brand and was deciding on that set of tools.

I had asked God for a cheaper tool set so I could get a larger set. I then walked around to the other side of the display; I found the Task Force tool sets.

Thinking about the phrase, you get what you pay for made me take caution when deciding on these sets. After I noticed the ansii sticker stating that the set is up to ansii standard, I picked out the set that looked best for me.

These tools have been put to use fixing many cars, such as 1993 Cavalier, 1982 Buick, 1992 Buick, and also a 1984 Ford F-250. They have not failed me on these projects, and are in great shape.

I did have a problem with the smaller socket wrench. The ball that is supposed to make the socket stay on it does not work, which causes the socket to fall off. My problem with this is the socket can get into very bad places, and also cause me to crawl under the vehicle to retrieve it.

Something great about this set is that it has not rusted even after being rained on during different occasions. I have had to take all the tools out of the case and wipe them dry, but they have not rusted. And also the ratchets gave me no trouble after getting wet.

The only thing that has gone wrong with the case of the set is the latches that lock the lid. I can carry it around just fine, from holding down on the handle when I carry it. This plastic case has given me a good impression over tool set cases I have seen in the past.

Because of how well the Task Force tool set works, and also its lower price, this is my tool set of choice when shopping. When looking at the price of other brands, and then looking at the price for the Task Force, the Task Force looks better. Even though the other tools like Cobalt look nicer, the Task Force is much cheaper.

There are cheaper tools, and if I look at see the ansii seal on it, I could be persuaded to purchase it instead, but with the experience of using the Task Force, I currently prefer to buy this brand.

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